Nagarkot to Changunarayan

The hiking of Nagarkot to Changunarayan begins with leisurely breakfast from our cafe Berghouse early in the morning. As you follow the route you can roam around the Bat cave & its periphery following the greatest view of mountain ranges on the trail. After you move along the way you can take a rest at Telkot and enjoy the local tea. On-site seeing you can enjoy the heritages of Temple like Jalpa Devi Temple, Beg Binayak Temple, Manakamana Temple, Singha Bashini temple. Then you will reach Trishul dada where the ashram of Kali Baba is located. Just below the Trishul dada, you will reach Rudrax restaurant where you can fully enjoy the lunch and snacks. Moving along that way you will reach Indra Chowk and Ramailo gaun and finally to the Changunarayan premises.

Nagarkot to Dhulikhel

The hike route from Nagarkot to dhulikhel is mostly downhill. And the route above is one of the shortest routes to hike on. And there are some limitations on food and water on the way, so it’s better to carry some food and water from our cafe and walk in the morning with breakfast. As hike begins from our cafe you will reach club Himalaya and see the walking trail over there from where you can reach Rhonnie Bhangyang. There are number of route to follow but you can follow Kashi Bhanjyang ‘s where you can have tea. And moving forward you can reach Ravi Opi where you can enjoy with the delicious lunch. When you go along the way you will reach Dhulikhel which is the destination and have everything as you want.

Nagarkot to Sankhu

Nagarkot to Sankhu hike offers you the real Nepali culture, Villages, historical monuments, Natural beauty & panoramic view of the mountains. This is one of the best ways to explore Nepal with beautiful nature and heritage. You will see Nepal at its best. This hike route begins with early morning breakfast from our cafe. As you follow Nagarkot Eco Trail you will reach Kartike where you can have local tea. From there we have two alternative routes one following jarsi pauwa and one following rest point. If you take the first route you will reach Rest point where you can rest for a while and move forward walking down the kartike dadagaon marg and Tamang community. The downhill makes you easy to walk and reach splendid valley school near suntol. As you move forward you can feel the fragrance of sankhu nearby because of the real Nepali culture heritages, monuments, ancient Newari town including salinadi temple and river on the way. This is the first route though you can also follow the trails reaching Jarsi Pauwa and Lapshi phedi as an alternate route.